Effective Media Communication
Some simple rules: * Create a title that will attract your readers.* Summation of event in a few words.*  Download

Community Outreach
The Tea Party was started by one person but I believe that it will be individuals that will continue to drive our cause.The “Power of One” is the recognition that each of us has a unique ability.  Download

Marketing Your Group
When you think of marketing, I am sure you think of a business plan to get the word out to consumers that you want to reach in order to build your business. That is true, but it is also true with your group. Download

Knowing Your Local Media
Each organization that wants to get its events and activities publicized must have a media “face.” This is a person or persons who interact with the media and become synonymous with that organization. Download

How To Contact Lawmakers
To be persuasive we must be believable. In order to be believable, then we must be credible. If we are to be credible, we must not only be truthful, but we need to be factual. Download

How To Lobby From Your Kitchen Table
In order to be an effective “lobbyist,” you will need to understand the three branches of California State government. (On the national level, it is the same but with different numbers) . Download

How To Argue with a Liberal On-Line or Anywhere
Guidelines: * Be factually prepared. This will allow you to be cool and confident in your position * Always be truthful and factual, using substantive arguments that can be backed-up. Using the truth makes keeping “the story straight” easy. *  Download

How to Create a General Meeting Agenda Slide in Word or PowerPoint
* Limit to one (1) slide * Avoid wordiness – slide is not a teleprompter, only a brief outline * Communicate to the audience what to expect from the meeting in general. Download

General Meeting Presentation Template
The following Word for Windows presentation template may be used to develop a visual aid to keep your group on track during a general meeting. Download

PowerPoint General Meeting Template
The following PowerPoint presentation template may be used to develop a visual aid to keep your group on track during a general meeting. Download

Monthly Meetings Schedules
Simple, straight-forward reference information for local government meetings and information sites is an important communication technique. What follows is an example of an email or website introduction for and a matrix of standing local government meetings and their information site. Download