Learning to Lead
The ultimate responsibility of a leader is to facilitate other people’s development as well as his own. Perhaps more than anything else, leadership is about the creation of a new way of doing things. Download

Attracting Other Leaders
The values that your group has will determine the leaders that you attract. If you never really thought about how your values can reveal its identity and increase its potential, go through the following process. Download

Spinning more plates doesn’t increase your talent. It increases your likelihood of dropping a plate. People have been known to achieve more as a result of working with others rather than against them. Download

Conflict Resolution
No matter how noble your cause, no matter how “nice” the people on your team are or how great of a leader you are, there will be conflicts. Leaders today must be more adept in resolving conflicts than ever before. Download

Building a Board of Directors
In order to accomplish things that are bigger than ourselves, it requires more than us to do it. We must let go of our ego and become part of a team. Download

Becoming a Citizen Educator
A “Citizen Educator” is one who is capable of teaching our Constitution and U.S. History leading up to the signing of this most exceptional document in the history of the world. Download

How to Run a Meeting
No matter what kind of meeting you are having there are rules that, if followed, will ensure that you have accomplished your goal for the meeting. Download

Speaker List
Contained within the PDF document is a listing of some of the most effective Tea Party speakers in California. They will be a great asset to the growth and value of information provided to your group. Download

Sign-up Sheets
Why do you need to have “sign-up” sheets? I’m glad that you asked. You need to begin to build your database of information for a variety of reasons. Download

Personal Development
As you lead, learn and grow since learning and growing go hand in hand. Learn and understand, not just “how” to do something, but “why”. Download

The Importance of Follow-Up
In order to sustain ongoing loyalty efforts from members of your group, leaders must consistently participate with them through regular communication and encouragement. Download